Why VMTECH so special?


VMTECH is leading System Integrator in Indonesia, especially in manufacturing business line. VMTECH provides a comprehensive solution, Realtime, Flexible, Scadable, Enterprise Integrated, Efficient and Customizing .

  1. VMTECH is a system integrator team who was born and raised on the factory production floor, fully understanding the smallest level of the Manufacturing system. Starting from the sensor data logger PLC relay system, to the cloud system.
  2. Proven and implemented software and hardware help many multinational companies in Indonesia, and companies in Tbk. Carry out digital transformation. Starting with automating data and information from the production floor and direct machines.
  3. Using two platforms to overcome data latency, data distribution, and data security. These platforms are the Edge and Cloud system.
  4. Provides high data credibility, and durability Develop software and kits yourself, not depending on the principle or hardware owner.
  5. Embedding the concepts of good and ideal Industrial Management concepts such as Lean Manufacturing, 5S, Six Sigma, TPM, Business process management systems, Balance scorecard, Just in time etc.
  6. VMTECH Provide comprehensive solutions for people and organization change, technology enablers and business processes.
  7. Has adhered to the principles and concepts of industrial 4.0 which are real time, decentralized, modular system integrated interconnection, visualization and transportation, flexible.
  8. 24-hour service assisted by a remote system. Only use industrial devices.
  9. The investment is affordable compared to overseas products. Because it is self-researched and developed.