About Us


With the excellent experience, VMTECH had on implementation in several multinational companies in Indonesia.
Fully of confidence to assist you in preparing for digitalization towards global competition.

  • VMTECH is a team that was born and raised on the production floor, mastering Manufacturing from basic level to top level management.
  • The team consists of multi-expertise: Industrial Management, Marketing, Data science, Data engineering, Electrical, Mechanical.
  • Develop your own software. Not dependent and not affiliated to one principle.
  • Using software and hardware tailored to customer needs.
  • VMECTH software and hardware are highly customized.


Research and development in making the seven segment for production andon. By using microcontroller.


Decided to concentrate on edge computing by using PLCs for data automation


Developing own software for MES including overall equipment effectiveness hardware and software in terms of local data processing (Edge)


Implementing MES, MIS in multinational companies in Indonesia in pharmaceuticals to get OEE scoring


Leading the digitization of several multinational companies and class Tbk in Indonesia, from the first stage to artificial intelligence

Here we are now

We have a solid team from 2014 to today. Learn and constantly.

Collaborate with a wide range of skills.

Provide direction and kindness to customers, towards total migration towards digital transformation

Our Customer :