VMTECH Cloud Manufacturing

VMTECH Cloud Manufacturing is made by production people to production people.

VMTECH Cloud manufacturing is a new approach to manufacturing that combines easy-to-use, online, self-service software for uploading design specifications and managing projects with state-of-the art prototyping and manufacturing services in multi sources language and frame work.

VMTECH Cloud manufacturing is designed specifically for manufacturing to make it easy, inexpensive, and quick to produce prototypes and small batches, allowing designers to iterate, improve and deliver on time, MES, IOT Devices, OEE, Project improvement management, Todo list, calendar of production, MRP, Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Big data analytics etc.

Features of VMTECH Cloud Manufacturing

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MES aplication Software, Android & IOS mobile access.

The combination of edge computing and cloud systems, creates a comprehensive system for Manufacturing. Credibility and durability of data achived. With the principles of seamless connectivity and robust design, we provide dashboard visualization and mobile access, are equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence for autonomous and factory optimization. MES Applications : OEE, Yield, KCR (After OEE), Failure Monitoring, Utilization, Work order management, Scheduling, Traceability, Mttr/mtbf, Energy mDi depan gerbangonitoring, Failure monitoring, employee achievement etc.

Factory Chat Facility

Chat facility for communication between divisions and members on the production floor, Facilitating for execution or action plansof improvements, whether autonomous or project improvement, which is more reliable and more secure from the confidentiality data of machine, product, production and other facilities data.

Modul Chatting
Modul to do list (Free)

“To Do list” for Action Plan Monitoring

Action plans that are executed being properly monitored and documented will run well. The modul will carry out supervision and documentation as well as assessment of all action plans, from various manufacturing lines. Ranging from operator supervisor managers to top executives.

Calendar for Working Schedule

Digital calendar calendar module makes it easy for all members on the production floor to carry out the planned execution and action plans. Doing a reminder to the action plan that has been previously planned.

Modul Calendar
Modul Machine learning

Machine learning for Factory optimizing

Vmtech Cloud Manufacturing is equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence for factory optimization and contribution to the supply chain. The data that is received directly from the machines and production facilities will be processed , algorithmized to gain insight and autonomous solutions.

“Employee Awards”

Employe awards is one of the software applications created to appreciate employees, for every positive improvement in the form of execution or action plans. To provide personal benefits for members of the production floor. Adapted to the needs of each manufacturer.

Modul Employed awards
CLoud Software Application

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