Barcode, QR code, OCR & Industrial Camera With AI

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We developed a traceability system using a complete and up-to-date platform. It involves software and devices that combine in a robust design and seamless connectivity.

Using an edge computing platform as a local data processing power, and a cloud system for further accessibility and development. Overcome data latency and data delay.

In Bahasa : Barcode ini mempunyai kemampuan membaca 2D dan OCR (membaca macam maca text). Sangat powerfull dengan software Inbond dan outbond yang customized. Pada tingkat advance barcode dikombinasikan dengan RFID dan PLC. Merangkai satu sistem Traceability data Mesin parameter, Bacthing proses, Material information, Operator information, Expired date, Lot number, SKU, Down time record, problem record, Shipping time dll.

We recorded the use of top brands PLCs, Sensoring, Barcode scanner, QR code scanner, IRFID Writter and Reader, Data logger Integrated and interconnection etc.

Our Experience

We are experienced in combining and integrating machine data parameter , with product traceability. Get to the final distribution of wholesale and retail products. Maximizing the use of GPS to measuring of Availability and performance on shipping system.