Term Industry 4.0 including concepts are in harmony with worldwide initiatives, including smart factories, Industrial Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing.

This technological evolvement is evidenced by the well-known applications and highly used by most of organizations, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

VMTECH use the term “Logistics 4.0” to refer to the combination of using logistics with the innovations and applications added by CPS (cyber physical system). Logistics 4.0 is related to the same conditions as Smart Services and Smart Products.

Smart logistik 4.0 and services are the ones that can perform tasks that normally are performed by people. In addition, they make possible to delegate activities so the employees can focus on the tasks that are
needed more intelligence than automatic processes or the smartness that a simple Smart Product or Smart Service can provide by adding sensor, Relay System, PLCs, Iot devices and software.

Our Experience

We have excellent experience building a Logistic 4.0 system by combining several Edge devices and cloud systems.
By using of sensor relays, PLCs, data loggers combined with barcode scanners, QR Code, OCR, vision cameras, and data loggers.