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Global competition has led to remarkable changes in the way Automotive manufacturing companies operate. These changes have affected maintenance and made its role even more crucial for business success. To remain competitive, manufacturing companies must continuously increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their production processes. Furthermore, the introduction of lean manufacturing has increased concerns regarding equipment availability and, therefore, the demand for effective maintenance.

Industry 4.0 is defined by connectedness: In the Industry 4.0-ready facility, devices connect to each other and to human interfaces, providing real-time data from sensors. And humans can “connect” to that data at any time. Paired with advanced analytics and machine learning, this ecosystem of sensors, devices and humans is incredibly powerful

Our Experience in Automotive Manufacturing

We have very valuable experience in implementing the Manufacturing execution system (MES) including OEE formula, (Overall equipment effectiveness), Product traceability, Parts Lifetime and monitoring process Kanban System , Pokayoke system is needed for the continuity of the process running with optimal output.