Digital Transformation

VMTECH – Digital transformation is a total movement of an organization or institution towards a new paradigm of science, systems intelligence, and connectivity.

This stage requires preparation, time and stages. Three stages that are running in parallel . Improving people and organizations, improving technology, improving business processes.

On technology side, data automation is the first stage. This stage give a vision to all parties about actual level for efficiency and effectiveness directly from the machines and production facilities in MES Manufacturing execution system formula. Including overall equipment effectiveness score (OEE). Without any manual data entry or data input. All done automatically.

This step requires direct acquisition data from machine and production facility. An Addition of sensoring, relay systems, data loggers, PLCs, Internet of Things. Creating connectivity to machines and production facilities, both horizontally and vertically.

Data visualization in several tools. The formulations are adapted to the proper and correct industrial Management concept. Utilizing a machine learning algorithm in decision-making.

VMTECH also provides training consultations on “digital transformation” From the lowest level of a production floor. Improvements from the people’s and organization side in the concept of the Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, TPM, and 5S in line with the industrial 4.0 concept and implementation. This are needed by companies urgently today.

Consultation and training that are not accompanied and are not in line with industrial technology 4.0 will cause weaknesses in the future. a consultant must be able to master the right technology platform for a business with its characteristics.