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.VMTECH – System Integrator provides modern control system integration services for modern manufacturing and processing enterprises hardware , software manufacturing. We focus on four key competencies : plant floor control systems, MES software & Kits, OEE Scoring Software & Kits, Asset & CMMS, Maintenance System, Industrial Vision camera for tracebility, IOT application, Bulding Automation System, & Automation.
Since 2018, VMTECH Cloud Manufacturing is a single, end-to-end solution that integrates design, production, and fulfillment operations through a common digital infrastructure to manage a part’s entire lifecycle.

IIOT SOlution Hardware & Software

We Provide IIOT Solution For Your Business

We enable businesses in the manufacturing, transportation, automotive, utilities, and real estate sectors to optimize their equipment maintenance strategies using custom industrial IoT solutions and advanced analytics.
We help asset-intensive companies gain near-real-time visibility into asset use and get actionable insights to achieve better planning and control over mission-critical equipment that affects overall business performance.

System Integrator Manufacturing

Engineering is among the most successful and skilled system integrators in the manufacturing sector, and it is our detailed approach that has put us here. VMTECH decided to become a general system integrator who mastered multi-protocol PLC & data loggers with qualified engineering skills.
Serving all types of machine : old machines, conventional machines, locked machine, or hi-tech machines into 2 platforms: edge computing and edge cloud.

Industrial Camera AI

VMtech helps analyze quality using industrial vision camera sensors with a deep learning AI approach. With very high accuracy, data from the vision camera is enhanced to the integration with ERP/SAP, for more accurate decision-making related to product quality improvement.

Digital Tranformation Roadmap

Doing so helps navigate manufacturing organizations through their Digital Transformation efforts. From the people & Organization change, Technology, and Business process.

MES – Advance OEE Software & kits

Advance OEE gives you extra features that have been adapted to the arrival of technology and paradigms in the 4.0 era. The magic tooling to help the lowest level to the executive level, increasing productivity significantly.

ERP – Enterprise Solution

Advance ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is connected to the production floor and production facilities is the dream of all factories.

SCADA System & kits

Supervisi Control Aquisition Data

Why VMTECH Special?

VMTECH is Pioner System Integrator in Indonesia, especially in manufacturing business line. Since 2016 VMTECH provides a comprehensive solution for manufacturing, Realtime, Flexible, Scadable, Enterprise Integrated, Efficient and Highly Customizing “..





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Apakah itu Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?

OEE adalah benchmark internasional yang sudah sangat familiar di perusahaan manufaktur apapun di dunia. Perusahaan manufaktur berusaha untuk menjadi world class company, menggunakan standar matriks ini. Konsep yang pertama kali diperkenalkan oleh Seiichi Mr. Nakajima (1988)

Apakah MES (Manufacturing execution system)?

1946 – ISA (internasional Society automations), adalah salah satu organisasi atau komunitas yang tumbuh di Amerika Serikat. Awalnya dikenal dengan Instrument Society of America. Namun belakangan diubah menjadi ISA (internasional Society automations).

Tips Memilih Vendor OEE Software & Hardware

Agak sulit untuk menentukan vendor penyedia sistem OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness) scoring yang auto (Software & hardware). Berikut beberapa tips yang seharusnya dapat diaplikasikan ketika memilih vendor MES (Manufacturing execution system system) dan OEE Scoring.

Mau digitalisasi, benahi dulu orangnya

Dari beberapa scene perjalanan kami VMTECH, artikel ini menurut kami layak untuk bisa di-share.
Beberapa perusahaan yang baru berfikir tentang efisiensi dalam proses produksi. Perusahaan ini biasanya berawal dari home industri, sampai akhirnya berkembang menjadi perusahaan menengah menuju besar.